Katherine is fantastic! Highly recommend
Cooper Morrison | June 2024

Thank you, for providing a safe space for me to talk about feelings. Thats something I’ve never done before.
Jason Jackson | June 2024

Dr Maxine is a real one
Joseph Locicero | June 2024

Very thoughtful and kind. I was nervous going in but they made me feel better about therapy.
Gabriela Fortich | June 2024

Wonderful service. My son shows progress.
valerie Valerie | June 2024

Katherine is a great and patient therapist who will hear you out and help you come up with a treatment plan you are comfortable with. She has helped my open up my mind immensely in the months I have been seeing her, and I am always incredibly grateful for her recommendations and techniques.
Shihab C | June 2024

Drew Bernard has changed my life since I started with her and Greenpoint (online portal is really easy to use) in March, she has helped me move amongst life hurdles and all the emotional turbulence that comes with this journey. I wish I could give her more than 5 stars – 100 stars seems more appropriate.

I was very nervous and scared and have heard and knew that finding the right Therapist was going to be a journey. I was able to find that sense of connection on our very first session and knew my search was coming to an end — and on my first try! It was like being on a first date and the wanting to stay longer than expected feeling due to feeling comfortable, safe and heard.

Drew is genuine, brilliant and I can’t wait to see the work we continue to do tackling my self-discovery and personal growth.
Valery Huamani | May 2024

I cannot stress enough how wonderful my experience with Greenpoint Psychotherapy has been. Brianna is absolutely incredible. I was overwhelmed & frustrated after several consultations with other therapist and no luck. During our first call I knew I wanted to work with her. She provided clear communication on what our sessions would consist of and the pre appointment surveys were very helpful in getting started.

Since then each session has felt so impactful as she creates a balanced, space while also holding me accountable. She has also made great recommendations for different resources to utilize in between sessions. I look forward to reporting my progress each week & more importantly I feel comfortable sharing the not so positive aspects of what’s going on. Very grateful to work with her!
Elyse Frieri | May 2024

Courtney is literally the best!! I’ve had two other therapist in the past I’ve never really felt a connection with them. With Courtney I can laugh, cry, tell jokes, and feel like I’m speaking with someone I’ve known for years. Couldn’t recommend her more 🙂
Brianna B | May 2024

D Z | May 2024

So supportive and patient!
Maria Papadopoulos | May 2024

It’s only been 3 sessions and already I feel like this relationship has added so much value to my life. Katherine is an amazing listener who is curious and offers real constructive insight. Looking forward to the work
Kelvin Uffre | May 2024

I’ve been working with Katherine for a short amount of time and I’m already noticing a difference. She’s very caring, empathetic, and understanding. She creates a safe space to talk about difficult things and also incorporates breath work into our sessions.
Kay Reichert | May 2024

If you need a soft tone and a creative approach Drew is a great fit for you. I enjoy our sessions. I feel like she really listens and ask questions to make sure she understands.
Latifah Powe | May 2024

I’d sought therapy once before, but didn’t have the greatest experience. With Nitasha, I have found a safe space to truly open up. She makes me feel heard, seen, and understood. She offers insight, prompts me to question myself, and leads me to areas I hadn’t discovered before. I leave each session feeling lighter and more in touch with myself. She employs various methods such as talking, creating art, even incorporating music and truly goes above and beyond to meet me where I’m at each week. She’s truly amazing, and every week I look forward to the following session!
Reyanka Koirala | May 2024

Anna is beyond incredible. They are able to provide you with great understanding, empathy and lightness from the get go. I really value their professionalism while also being personable and genuine. Already looking to my next appointment!
Santiago Pelaez | May 2024

Nitasha is wonderful. Professional and kind, spent quite a bit of time building up rapport with me— I feel deeply comfortable and valued in sessions, and it’s a pleasure to be practicing self care like this.
Kasey McNaughton | May 2024

I love my sessions every Wednesday with Drew. She’s really helped me sooo much in such a short period of time. I feel like I can share every and anything with her. It’s a great release, glad I found her.
Shay ThaGoddess | May 2024

I sought therapy over a year ago as I was trying to process my newfound grief over my father. I was drawn to Tyisha due to her creative practices and focus on mindfulness and meditation. She’s not only helped me with grief but also through feelings of helplessness and anxiety throughout various aspects of my daily life. Highly recommend!
Maribel M. | Mar 15, 2024

Kyle has been so supportive to me in navigating my anxiety. His attentive listening and empathetic approach makes every session feel empowering and I leave them feeling stronger. From work stress to family dynamics to personal health, I’ve felt that Kyle fosters a safe environment where I can openly explore any issue with him.
Elizabeth F. | Mar 13, 2024

Nick is a wonderful therapist. He is very approachable and super easy to talk to. I appreciate his approach to wanting to help his patients out but not being too pushy on it. He is a great listener and processes what you have said into actionable things to better improve your life. Would highly recommend him to anyone!
Eric V. | Mar 11, 2024

Hannah is a wonderful therapist. She is helpful and understanding of many different situations and experiences. She always has good insights and is open to talking about whatever you bring up in session. She also is good about asking questions and digging deeper so that you are not left with silence if you have nothing to say. I highly recommend her.
Gin A. | Feb 27, 2024

I’ve grown so much in just a few months with Hannah’s help. She’s a great listener and can always meet me where I’m at. She’s able to make connections and offer insight based on what she’s learned about me and my life. Lot’s of “aha” moments! As a first-time patient I was nervous and unsure of what to expect, but now that we’re in a groove she has set the standard and I’m grateful for her support in my life.
Addy C. | Feb 26, 2024

Before I went to Nitasha, I was skeptical that therapy could work. Instantly after meeting Nitasha, I knew therapy was going to be one of my most useful tools while dealing with a very difficult time. Nitasha made me feel understood and validated my thoughts and feelings. I looked forward to our sessions not only so I could have someone listen to my struggles, but to get advice, tools and coping mechanisms for what I was going through. Nitasha goes above and beyond. She genuinely cares about you and your wellbeing. Having Nitasha in my corner to guide me through life’s challenges was what made me realize how empowering therapy can be.
Eryn L. | Feb 18, 2024

Octavia has been such a grounding force for me since I’ve started working with her. She has such a comforting, safe presence that allows me to feel open and honest during every session! I truly appreciate everything she’s taught me and have sensed my own personal growth. I couldn’t recommend her enough — she’s truly one of a kind!
Erin H. | Jan 16, 2024

My experience with Octavia has been fantastic and helpful! I was hesitant to approach therapy even after considering it for a long time and Octavia made it easy to talk about a variety of topics from the start. Her focused approach allowed us to tackle problems one-by-one and then naturally branch out to other situations where the skills I have learned could also be applied!
Juan C. | Jan 10, 2024

Nick is absolutely amazing to work with. I felt connected the moment I had my first session and since then, have taken on board his deep and thoughtful insights pertaining to my self improvement. It’s made a world of difference to me! He is of great comfort to chat with and I feel heard and seen ever time. I’ve met with other therapists over the years and he is the keeper!
Betsy F. | Jan 08, 2024

Gabrielle truly made me feel comfortable for this being my first time in any form of therapy. She was kind, patient and above all very professional. Sadly, I had to depart from her services due to a change in insurance, but I hope to be back soon. I am so grateful for all the progress we have made in my journey. Thank you, Gabrielle.
Rianna B. | Jan 02, 2024

I’ve been seeing Lauren for 2 years now and she’s been more helpful than I could have imagined. I was new to therapy when I started with Lauren and was somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of spilling my emotions to someone I was paying but she patiently helped me break that barrier. She is extremely flexible, responsive, and can lean into different styles of therapy based on my needs. She picks up on trends in my thought patterns and has helped me link them together and challenge negative thought patterns throughout our time. I highly recommend Lauren to anyone looking for a skilled, warm, and trustworthy therapist.
Jake S. | Dec 28, 2023

Francesca is awesome, her support for my mental health journey has been a great experience so far. Thank you for your support Francesca.
Sergio R. | Dec 27, 2023

If I could give Gabrielle more than 5 stars, I would. She is an exceptional therapist who greatly exceeded my expectations in helping me in my growth and healing journey. Gabrielle has helped me navigate my interpersonal relationships and feelings in a healthier way and opened my eyes to my own faults, allowing me to better work on myself. If anyone in my life asks me about therapy, I tell them “I love my therapist, and I would recommend her if it wasn’t a conflict of interest.” So, sincerely, a million times thank you to not only Gabrielle but Green Point Psychotherapy.
Laila (Lemons) P. | Dec 06, 2023

I’ve only worked with Theresa for a short time but I am really enjoying our sessions together. I appreciate that she brings in different practices to our sessions to go beyond “just talking”. Thank you!
Sophie W. | Oct 26, 2023

Working with Nick has been nothing short of fantastic. Nick works very hard to curate a comfortable, open, and focused environment even through the virtual wall of Zoom. His bedside manner is unmatched, and I genuinely look forward to my sessions with him. I would recommend Nick’s skillset to anyone looking for the therapy types he offers.
Tom B. | Oct 02, 2023

Katie is quite simply the best!
Chelsea F. | Aug 28, 2023

Krishnan M. | Aug 28, 2023

Courtney has been a wonderful help for me as I work though separating work life from the rest of my life. helping me to find ways to disconnect from work when having difficulty and finding my outside of work life priorities.
Hayley D. | Aug 28, 2023

Kat is fantastic – a great, emphathetic, listener who very much gets to know you as well as share knowledgeable perspective. Would fully recommend!
Carlos I. | Aug 28, 2023

Tyisha is an incredible therapist. I’ve truly appreciated how much she’s helped me grow over the past few months – warm, compassionate, creative, informative, she’s made a huge impact to my mental health and life outlook.
Jungwoo A. | Aug 28, 2023

Tyisha is incredible, and I really can’t believe the progress I’ve felt in myself over the past 10 months or so working with her. She’s incredibly compassionate, and has helped me build a connection between my body & my emotions. It’s dramatically shifted my ability to notice & understand what my emotions are telling me in the moment. If you’re looking for a therapist, I think you’ll have a hard tome finding a better one than Tyisha!
Chris C. | Aug 28, 2023

Very kind person—great listener
Michael M. | Aug 28, 2023

I’ve had a great experience working with Ciara. We’ve been able to dive into some complex trauma, and have also tried methods like art therapy as part of coping mechanisms.
Alexandra M. | Aug 28, 2023

Carrie is great! She listens, shes engaged, and provides activities for different things. Awesome experience thus far.
Mariela C. | Aug 28, 2023

Tyisha is the best therapist I’ve ever had. She doesn’t let me spin my wheels and focuses on strategies, modules, and movement that have had real impact in managing my stress levels and expectations of others and myself. I’m learning to finally deal with decades of physical stress and am experiencing a lot more joy and contentment. Tyisha is phenomenal.
Emma W. | Aug 28, 2023

Molly is present, empathic, insightful, creative, and affirming.
Rowan R. | Aug 28, 2023

Courtney has helped me to grow into my authentic self. I am so thankful to have her as a resource in my life. She knows exactly how to communicate to me in a way that is always productive.
Samantha R. | Aug 28, 2023

From the time I have met Kat she has been wonderful
Angela P. | Aug 28, 2023

Katie is so kind and empathetic. I feel truly heard and supported. She’s really insightful and is able to pack so much wisdom into very few words. Talking to her is really a pleasure!
Sophie L. | Aug 28, 2023

Carrie is a great listener and provides amazing feedback. I truly feel like she understands my feelings and she always asks the needed questions if she doesn’t. Our sessions have helped so much in my emotional processing.
Gabrielle B. | Aug 28, 2023

Incredibly kind and present.
Brittany T. | Aug 28, 2023

Molly is a professional through-and-through, careful, understanding, patient and most importantly concerned for my well-being. I would highly recommend Molly to anyone seeking therapy!
Anthony C. | Aug 28, 2023

I love Gabrielle. In the past I have had many issues with finding a therapist that does not make me uncomfortable or incredibly anxious until I met her. Gabrielle has helped me work through so much; in turn I have gained better understanding of myself and my relationships. To put it more simply, If it were ethical for me and all of my friends to have the same therapist, I would recommend her to them.
Laila P. | Aug 28, 2023

Courtney is incredibly empathetic and asks good questions, and gives me good exercises to practice in between our sessions. I love her energy and vibe, and feel totally comfortable speaking with her about anything!
Matthew O. | Aug 28, 2023

Attentive, kind and thoughtful!
Alessandra T. | Aug 28, 2023

Moray is compassionate, thoughtful and proactive in her dynamic approach. I appreciate working with her. I had a few sessions with her and look forward to attending more.
Halima A. | Aug 28, 2023

Great experience with a relatable therapist who has provided good tools and stability within my life. Affordable and friendly
Katherine E. | Aug 28, 2023

Theresa is so easy to talk to and I look forward to it every week!
Amanda P. | Aug 28, 2023

Kat is amazing. She has helped me grow and change in ways that I didn’t think it was possible. I came to her at a really low point trying to make sense of a lot of things and in her characteristically warm and empathetic manner, she was able to help me answer some really difficult questions and confront some really difficult truths, always with compassion. I am so grateful to have found her and so proud of the person I am becoming, thanks to her!
Radhika K. | Aug 28, 2023

Great group therapy, the weekly prompts are creative and imaginative
Jessica L. | Aug 28, 2023

Nitasha is such an amazing therapist in our sessions i always feel so safe comfortable and happy to express my feelings not only does she strive to help me become a better person through therapy but she also challenges me to be better which is something that i really appreciate as a patient
Mariah W. | Aug 28, 2023

Tyisha has been my therapist for about a year and she’s incredibly compassionate, sensitive, and a great therapist. She’s been incredibly flexible to when my schedule has changed, as well as my health insurance, and when I had intense personal matters. Highly recommend!
Grisselle R. | Aug 28, 2023

Kat is great therapist! I am so blessed to find her and I always look forward to have our sessions. She is very knowledgeable, patient, fun and easygoing. I love her, and I would recommend her 100%!
Derya T. | Aug 28, 2023

Great experience so far!
Elizabeth F. | Aug 28, 2023

Ciara has been incredibly helpful to me and my growth, especially with unpacking issues I have had for years and this is the first time in a long time, I have seen progress in my mental healtj.
Jenn G. | Aug 28, 2023

The body image group has been a wonderful experience for talking about individual body image experience, connecting with other people about body image issues, and deconstructing systemic anti-fat bias. Sarah is a kind, compassionate, thoughtful therapist and facilitator.
Mia E. | Aug 28, 2023

Ariella is one of a kind – patient, smart, thoughtful, and with incredible recall and attention to detail.
Justin G. | Aug 28, 2023

My guardian angel. Tasha help talk me off the ledge in many situations. She a GREAT listener and gives AMAZING advice. I definitely would recommend to the world. ☺️
Kendra F. | Aug 28, 2023

Courtney is an amazing, compassionate, insightful therapist and I am blessed to work with her.
Margaret R. | Aug 28, 2023

Exceptional is an understatement when describing the transformative impact of my experience with Moray. With unparalleled empathy, profound insight, and an unwavering commitment to my growth, she has guided me through the labyrinth of my thoughts and emotions, illuminating a path to self-discovery and healing. Every session feels like a safe haven where I can unravel the complexities within me, and her skillful navigation through challenges empowers me to embrace life with newfound resilience and clarity. Moray’s genuine dedication to my well-being has not only catalyzed profound personal breakthroughs but has also instilled in me a profound appreciation for the art of therapy itself.
Bobby T. | Aug 28, 2023

I’ve had an amazing experience with Jeremy. He had helped me have a better relationship with myself, my emotions and the people around me. All of which had made me a better version of myself
Evan H. | Aug 28, 2023

It’s been a pleasure working with Nitasha and exploring therapeutic techniques to allow me to express my full self in our sessions. Empathetic, kind, brave, and attentive— Nitasha is a fantastic asset to Greenpoint Psychotherapy!
Kasey M. | Aug 28, 2023

Great at listening, asking questions. Very patient and offers excellent feedback.
Dmitriy Z. | Aug 28, 2023

Great Listener, very helpful
Jada L. | Aug 28, 2023