Psychotherapy Services

Individual Psychotherapy

For individual therapy you meet with your therapist ideally for an extended period of time. We start with a full assessment over two sessions and a treatment plan focused on your goals and changes you'd like to make. You continue to meet with your therapist weekly on the same day of the week and time maintaining the foundation for the work. While in treatment, therapy is a bit like brushing your teeth - it would feel weird not to do it. As you come to a place that feels good enough or you feel that your goals have been completed and do not wish to develop more goals with the therapist you'll complete termination which happens over a period of four sessions. Having a therapist is a different type of relationship. You will go through different relational experiences and projections, grieving the losses you haven't been able to experience in other relationships opening the door for reparative experiences.

Couples Psychotherapy

Couple's therapy starts with a more brief assesment (mainly so that the couple can learn more about each other) along with a treatment plan focused on the goals of the couple. It's helpful to commit to a particular amount of time at the start of treatment, such as 10 weeks so that you have a timeline to work with. Couple's therapy works best when both partners are working individually with their own therapists or have done long segments of individual treatment in the past. However, any treatment is good treatment and therapy is an invaluable tool to help with maintaining a healthy relationship. In Couples psychotherapy, we provide a safe space for both parties to be heard in a neutral environment. Therapists provide mediation, psychotherapy, offer feedback, and explore solutions to help you work through whatever problems you’re facing that are negatively affecting the relationship.

Family Psychotherapy

Often, individuals will start to work with us and overtime add family therapy to their treatment as well. Technically, family and couple's therapy are the same type of session with similar goals. Doing family therapy is very powerful work, where you can heal the current traumas or solve the current issues, through improving the relationships that promoted your current coping/behavior patterns. If you feel like your relationship with your family has been declining, or feel inspired to develop trust and intimacy with your family having a therapist to mitigate communication, mediate, and provide psychoeducation can help assure that everyone is heard and supported. Our therapists will conduct a brief assessment, design a collaborative treatment plan, and support your family's efforts at improving communication.

Group Psychotherapy

We are currently running several groups and continue to add more regularly. Each group meets at the same time weekly, and is run by a therapist who specializes in the topic of the group. Groups are set up so that you can join at any time but require commitment and dedication similar to individual or family therapy. Being able to discuss issues with other clients who are working on similar goals has a special healing quality, where you learn from each other's experiences, support one another in implementing changes, and discuss the psychoeducation taught by the therapist running the group. Group therapy is an opportunity to connect with others and experience community while working on your individual goals.

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