Psychotherapist in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

Theresa Nicholas

Theresa is a holistic therapist who believes true wellness is found in the integration between mind, body and spirit. Healing comes when we have the courage to sit with the parts of ourselves that we’ve abandoned or that we have run away from. She is honored to be a witness and stand for your growth and transformation. Clients that work with Theresa experience a warm, welcoming and non-judgmental space where they can feel safe and open to explore all the messy parts of what it means to be human. She specializes in working with adolescents, trauma, anxiety, life transitions, depression, 12 step programs and other mood disorders. She also is a certified yoga instructor, and mindfulness practitioner and has a background in the arts. Our bodies keep score of our traumas, stories and beliefs and deserve to be listened to, just as much as our thoughts. With this framework in mind, she strives to co-create a space where you will feel safe and celebrated for being your most authentic self.