Katherine Laux (She/Her) CAT-LP

in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

Katherine Laux

Kate Laux is a trauma informed and holistic Creative Arts Therapist who uses a range of psychological theory and arts based modalities to meet individual, family and group needs. 

Kate has a background providing meaning centered psychotherapy involving life transitions, trauma, grief and body neutrality. She has worked in hospitals (oncology, eating disorders and palliative care) as well as worked with marginalized homeless and housing insecure communities which includes survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking. This experience also involves familiarity working with formerly incarcerated people and those living with addiction/dual diagnosis. Kate has participated in free community art hives in the US and Canada, which brings inclusive and accessible art-making outlets that are open to all. 

Her goal is to connect, collaborate, and empower together. Sessions are strengths focused, tap into our inherent creative abilities, and nurture self-discovery and transformations.