Katherine Abegg (She/Her), MHC-LP

in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

Katherine Abegg, MHC-LP

Katherine is a psychodynamic, person-centered therapist with over fifteen years of experience in the healing arts. In addition to an MA in Mental Health Counseling, she is trained in energy work, intuitive reading, breathwork, dream study, and Compassionate Inquiry (with Dr. Gabor Maté). She has over ten years of experience working with plant medicines and as a teacher of A Course In Miracles. She has experience working with teens and adults addressing issues such as depression and anxiety, developmental trauma, relational wounding, spiritual inquiry, and addiction.

Katherine believes that any therapeutic process is most successful when it is integrated into daily life and connected to the natural world. Her transpersonal and holistic approach incorporates the somatic, psychological, neurological, spiritual, and practical elements of restoration and growth. Her intention is to help her clients expand their capacity to feel and to access forgiveness, insight, and agency so that they can fully inhabit their bodies and become generative participants in the world around them.