Psychotherapist in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

Elisabeth Ritter

Elisabeth strives to create a space that is centered on safety, compassion, curiosity and kindness, recognizing the value of creating meaning of our lived experiences. She is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist who believes in a collaborative, affirmative and client centered psychotherapy offering a variety of interventions to assist clients in reaching their therapeutic goals. Elisabeth focuses on the whole person and one’s authentic self offering an empathic ear to better understand one’s experiences. She utilizes CBT and DBT informed care as interventions, specializing in Dance/Movement Therapy to offer support through body based interventions when words aren’t available.

In working with Elisabeth, there is opportunity to focus on mindfulness practices, meditation and movement as a form of expression emphasizing the mind and body connection. She is passionate about helping others to navigate and decrease anxiety, depression, anger, stress, and grief. With the support of Elisabeth, clients are able to navigate life transitions, improve self-esteem and body image, develop effective communication skills in relationships, and gain insight into patterns of behavior. She trusts that each person has the ability to become empowered through a greater sense of awareness, lightness, and growth.