Arielle Yiwen Yang (She/Her)

in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

Arielle Yiwen Yang, MHC-LP (She/Her)

Arielle is a bilingual limited permit Mental Health Counselor who strives to provide a safe and collaborative space for individuals to feel accepted, heard, and validated. Having earned her dual degree in Mental Health Counseling and Psychological Counseling at Columbia University, Arielle is committed to helping people of marginalized communities including racial minorities, immigrants, and LGBT-identifying individuals through their personal journeys. She is passionate about helping individuals address issues of self-acceptance, interpersonal relationships, and societal pressures.  
Fluent in Mandarin Chinese and intimately familiar with the minority experience herself, Arielle brings both cultural insight and core counseling competence to her practice. She utilizes social justice-oriented practices and trauma-informed care to assist individuals in exploring their potentials and growing into their most authentic selves.