A healthy sex life is an essential component to a healthy relationship. When sex becomes infrequent or a challenge that you and your partner can’t overcome, the couples therapy we offer at Greenpoint Psychotherapy can help.


Our highly skilled therapists guide you and your loved one through confidential sessions. They use therapeutic techniques to help strengthen the communication and connection of your relationship, so you both can enjoy more satisfying intimate moments.


Why your sex life may have fallen dormant


A lack of sex in a marriage or other relationship can occur for a variety of reasons. Often, a couple’s sex life is pushed to the side because of day-to-day responsibilities, including childcare and career obligations.


There may also be a medical component to a sexless relationship. Men and women may avoid sexual intercourse if there are challenges like erectile dysfunction, pain during sex, or difficulties achieving orgasm.


Frequent arguments and other relationship conflicts can also take a toll on a couple’s sex life. Consequently, a lack of sex can also lead to additional strain on you and your partner that, if left unaddressed, can break up a relationship for good.


To end a vicious cycle before that happens, our therapists recommend scheduling a couples therapy consultation at Greenpoint Psychotherapy now, before your relationship is irretrievably broken.


How therapy can revitalize your connection


Working with a couples therapist can provide you with unbiased insight into the challenges you face in you and your partner’s sex life, as well as in your relationship as a whole. They can address all the factors that may be interfering with intimacy, including:

  • Loss of trust
  • Disrespect
  • Unmanaged stress
  • Poor communication
  • Difficulties prioritizing couple’s time

Our therapists can also address compatibility issues that can arise when your partner’s sex drive differs from yours. They can also suggest ways to break out of a sexual rut in ways that feel comfortable for you and your partner.


We use advanced therapeutic techniques, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and internal family systems (IFS) therapy to uncover and heal relationship challenges.


Other benefits of couple’s therapy


In addition to reviving your sex life, couple’s therapy can also strengthen your overall relationship with yourself, your partner, and your family unit.


Our therapists take a personalized, compassionate approach to guiding you through each session. They also give you a safe space free of judgment to be open and honest about your feelings, so you and your partner can confidently lay all your cards on the table.


Our therapy team has extensive experience supporting couples from all walks of life, including those in the LGBTQIA+ community, polyamorous couples, and ethically non-monogamous relationships. Our goal is to make high-quality therapy accessible to all who need it.


We can also provide individual counseling sessions to help you be the best version of yourself, so you can show up fully in your marriage or other relationship.


Call Greenpoint Psychotherapy in Brooklyn, New York, today to schedule a couple’s therapy session or book a consultation online.

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