Couples occasionally miscommunicate or argue, but sometimes anger festers, conflicts spiral beyond control, and couples struggle to resolve problems or find common ground. That’s when couples therapy at Greenpoint Psychotherapy can help. Their comforting therapists use various treatments to help couples rebuild their connection and strengthen their relationship. Couples throughout New York City and the Greater New York metropolitan area can get exceptional couples therapy through telehealth. Book online or call the office in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn today to schedule an appointment.

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What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy focuses on resolving problems that arise between partners, helping them overcome barriers, learn communication skills, and resolve conflicts.

The Greenpoint Psychotherapy providers treat all couples with empathy and integrity, creating an accepting environment where each person can talk honestly and learn to build a trusting, loving relationship.

Greenpoint Psychotherapy welcomes all couples. They offer polyamory-affirming therapy, LGBTQIA+-affirming therapy, and counseling for unconventional and non-monogamous relationships.

When should I seek couples therapy?

The best time to seek couples therapy is before disagreements and anger escalate to the point of threatening your relationship. But the truth is, most couples don’t connect with a therapist until separating seems like the only solution.

Therapy improves your relationship at any stage, as long as both partners are emotionally involved and want to work toward a better future.

You and your partner may want to consider therapy to help you with issues such as:

  • Lack of communication
  • Negative or disrespectful communication
  • Disagreements over money
  • Conflicting parenting styles
  • Loss of intimacy or sexual problems
  • Difficulty controlling anger
  • Mental or emotional abuse
  • Infidelity and loss of trust
  • Mental health disorders in one or both partners

Sometimes, couples seek therapy when they need help navigating major life decisions, such as having or adopting children, accepting a new job, or moving.

What benefits will we gain from couples therapy?

Though there’s no way to predict the outcome of couples therapy, you can depend on getting support and learning the skills needed to work through your challenges. As a result, you and your partner may achieve many possible benefits, such as:

  • Saving your relationship
  • Improving communication
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Learning to set boundaries
  • Acquiring conflict resolution skills
  • Restoring intimacy and love
  • Increasing family happiness

You won’t lose anything but the time spent in therapy sessions. In return, the time you devote to therapy can rebuild a strong, healthy, loving relationship.

What happens during couples therapy?

At Greenpoint Psychotherapy, every couple’s therapy is customized to meet their needs and achieve their goals. The skilled Greenpoint Psychotherapy providers learn about your concerns and then recommend the therapy that fits each couple.

A few examples of therapies they often use include internal family systems (IFS) therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), gestalt therapy, and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Call Greenpoint Psychotherapy or use online booking to schedule a teletherapy appointment and learn how couples therapy may heal your relationship.