Would you be surprised to learn that 64% to 72% of young adults are dissatisfied with their bodies and that half have a distorted body image? These problems lead to anxiety, shame, and serious mental health problems, but you can overcome both with body image therapy from the mental health professionals at Greenpoint Psychotherapy. All their therapies are available through telehealth to people in New York City and the Greater New York metropolitan area. Call the office in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn or use online booking to request an appointment today.

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What is body image therapy?

Body image therapy is a treatment to improve the way you perceive and feel about your body. Your body image includes the mental picture you have of your physical body (the way you perceive your shape, size, and appearance) and how you feel about it.

You may have one of two types of body images:

Positive body image

People with a positive body image recognize flaws and realize they don’t like aspects of their appearance, but they accept their bodies despite their flaws. (You feel comfortable in your own skin.)

Negative body image

A negative body image occurs when you focus on flaws that may be real or perceived. This perception may start in your head but often develops due to outside influences, like the media and insults from peers and family.

Having a negative body image means you believe you’re unattractive or overweight even when you’re not.

Why would I need body image therapy?

A negative body image dramatically affects your self-esteem. Many people feel ashamed or disgusted about their appearance. They may hide their body and avoid socializing or building personal relationships.

Serious mental health conditions also develop because of a negative body image, including:

Eating disorders

A distorted body image is directly related to eating disorders. You may restrict your eating, follow a fad diet, or develop a severe and potentially deadly disorder like anorexia.

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)

People with BDD become obsessed with small or nonexistent problems with their appearance (not related to their weight). You believe you look horrible and feel anxious and ashamed.

BDD causes such hopelessness that one in four people with the condition attempts suicide. Sadly, some succeed in ending their lives. It’s essential to know that a skilled therapist can help you overcome a negative body image.

What should I expect during body image therapy?

Your Greenpoint Psychotherapy provider develops a treatment plan based on the severity of your body image and whether you have a mental health disorder. For example, they may recommend cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), gestalt therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, or internal family systems (IFS) therapy.

Many people can overcome a negative body image by exploring what caused their attitude, challenging and changing inaccurate perceptions. Or, you may need intensive therapy to deal with BDD or an eating disorder.

Call Greenpoint Psychotherapy today or request an appointment online to get help for a negative body image.